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About Us

Coat Club, a name synonymous with sophistication and style, stands as a leading manufacturer and exporter in the fashion industry, catering both to the domestic market and international clientele. Renowned for its exquisite fabrication and attention to detail, Coat Club manufactures a diverse range of high-quality blazers, Indo western, Kurta pajama, Nehru jacket and Waistcoat that blends fashion and comfort seamlessly. Export is one of the best fields to enter the import export industry. India is the land of export as we are producing an immense amount of Fashionable Garments on our land. Our country is versatile, and now, we even have more tech-focused companies who are willing to set manufacturing units of their brand in India.

Why Choose-Us

Best Price

We provide you best prices with finest quality. Just ask for a quote.

Finest Quality

We are committed to supply hygiene quality with fresh product to our customer. We supply customized quality, size, packing and grading as per our customers requirement.

Timely Delivery

We deliver product’s shipment within committed time.


Indo western
Kurta Pajama


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